About Us

Established in 2009, Creating Connextions is an Events, Coaching, Speaking & Educational company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Whatever you are not CHANGING, you are CHOOSING!

Laurie Buchanan

Sarah Robinson, the company’s founder, is passionate about bringing people together across a variety of platforms & activities. She was born/raised in a tiny Eastern Ontario town of 1200 people, before moving to Toronto, Ontario in 2008. She has an educational background in psychology and addictions, as well as having taken many self improvement and business courses, which she uses to help her clients connect.

Before she founded the company, Sarah started creating & hosting events in the Greater Toronto Area. Through these events, and those of her company, she saw how great the power of connection is, as well as how desperately it’s needed in todays society. So, from this observation, she started coaching clients on How to Network efficiently, effectively and effortlessly.

Now, she’s decided to take it one step further and combine her education with her experiences to help people, not just connect, but also move past traumatic life experiences & situations, so they can move forward to build better families.

People who have been victimized, gone through trauma, or experience Mental Health issues in their lives, can overcome their challenges and become the Healthy Families that they are truly meant to be!

Sarah Robinson, Creating Connextions