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Do you ever wonder if there’s something inside you, something beneath the surface, that’s holding you back from further growing your business?

Whether it’s the power of attraction, aligning energies, or simply getting your head on straight, if you’re thinking it then you’re defintely feeling it too!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Sarah Robinson, previously a Networking Coach turned Family Mental Health & Anxiety Coach who is trained in psychology and addictions counseling, as well as a variety of other methods such as CBT, DBT, mindfulness, mediation.

I’m here to help you overcome your past, to move forward into your future, while living in the present. I’m not here to hold your hand every step of the way (you’ll need to do the real work), I’m here to push you just a little bit, so that you can discover what is truly stopping you from growing.

Together, we’ll uncover what it is that’s holding you back from continuing to create your ideal family life… in both mental health and communication.

Much love, Sarah

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Book your FREE 30 min trust-building session now!