Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Life Lesson #1

– The best & worst day of my life.

It started like any other day, but this day would be the happiest and saddest of my life!
I was 21 years old, 2 weeks for my 22nd birthday, and I was 9 days overdue with my daughter.
I got a call from her father saying that he was coming to pick up his stuff. I was so confused!
He showed up with a great big guy that looked like a bouncer, as well as two girls, one of which I would find out is his new girlfriend whom he’d been cheating on me with.
As he started to collect his belongings, I stood in front of the door and said “What is going on?”, but he didn’t respond.
I called my best friend for support, and she came running over from down the street with her brother.
He was leaving me? I was 9 months pregnant with his daughter, and he was leaving me!
As I raced out the door after him, he pushed me down in the driveway, jumped in the car, and took off!
There I lay weeping, until my best friend arrived.
Next came the police! They took my statement, then called an ambulance and sent me off to the hospital.

The trauma of being left, the trauma of being abandoned, the trauma of being pushed down in my own driveway, had all brought on labour!
18 hours later, still weeping, still mourning the loss of my long-term, live-in boyfriend, my beautiful daughter was born
I was so exhausted and distraught from the ordeal, that I fell asleep the moment that labor was over. I missed those precious initial moments of bonding with her which I can never get back!
Sometimes life deals you a shity hand on a momentous occasion, and we just have to learn how to pick ourselves up and continue to move forward… With a brand new baby girl by my side, I had no choice but two power through this overwhelming obstacle and provide her with the most love possible!!!
I will never regret that day… The best thing in my life happened, simultaneously with what felt like the worst thing in the world, and both taught me valuable lessons that I will never forget.
Much Love, Sarah
P.S. Something I’m loving lately is reconnecting with my family. Since doing copious amounts of work on myself, they are finally starting to see a change in me, and it’s triggered a response in me to reconnect.