* 10 Tips To Network Like A Rockstar!

In this download, you will learn about the 10 biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to networking, as well as what the right way is to do things in order to have success.
I can guarantee that you’re making at least one of these mistakes if not many! (lol)
I can also guarantee that some of them will probably shock the heck out of you, as they go against some of today’s societies “best practices” at networking events even though they’re completely unsuccessful.
As a little sneak peek, in this download we will cover:
1. Networking is not about making sales!
2. They are not your ideal client!
3. Drop the elevator pitch!
4. It’s not just for events!
5. Don’t just walk away!
6. Ask for their card first!
7. Don’t just stick it in your pocket!
8. They aren’t just a number!
9. Be specific!!!
10. It’s a date, not a pitch!
You also have the option to add on a one-time coaching call with Sarah to dig deeper into these topics, and have her answer any questions that you might have.
The “10 Tips To Network Like A Rockstar!” download – $47 CAD
Download + 1-hour coaching call  – $47 + $107 = $154 CAD