Family Mental Health & Anxiety Coaching (3, 6 or 10 sessions)

I teach anxious families with teens, the skills they need to overcome their mental health challenges, so that they can feel more connected as a family unit!

Sarah Robinson

The difference between the 3 session package, the 6 session package and the 10 session package really depends on what kind of issues you want to delve into and how much progress you’re wanting to see.

The question really is: “How much are you willing to invest in yourself and your family?” Both when it comes to time and money?

In order for us to figure out which is the right fit for you, we will need to have a strategy call to look at what types of anxieties are standing in your way, and what mental health obstacles you’re wanting to overcome?

This call is all about trust building. If I don’t trust you to tell me the truth then I’m not able to help you, and if you don’t trust me to give you the right suggestions then we won’t move forward in a productive manner.


3 Sessions – $381 CAD

6 Sessions = $698 CAD ( Savings of $64)

10 Sessions – $1143 CAD (savings of $127)