Friday, April 13th, 2012


Captain Morgan does Friday the 13th: Devils, Angels and Pirates, which are you?
Dress up as any one of the 3 and get HALF PRICE COVER(plus still get your drink ticket so that’s basically FREE)
Also featuring the Captain Morgan Morganettes after 10pm.

We had an amazing turn out March 30th with 140 people attending for the mixer alone, not to mention the large crowd when it was opened up to the public. My specialty is hosting mixers where you can break the ice and get to know people, then the party generally carries off into the night! This is an EXCLUSIVE MIXER for Singles from 5PM-10PM then it’s open to the public to dance the night away!!!

What: Costume Party
When: Friday, April 13th, 2012 from 6pm-10pm
Where: Devil’s Martini (473 Adelaide St W, Toronto) FRONT DOOR til 10pm, then alley entrance
Who: 25-45 years old (This is generally a 25+ club and ranges up to 45)
How much: $10 cover (which includes a bunch of FREEBIES that I’ve negotiated)

Costume: $5 cover before 10pm (I got the club to offer a one time deal for all guests who get there between 5pm-10pm your cover will be HALF PRICE and you still get a free drink{$6 value} so that’s basically FREE)


One FREE DRINK each (only before 9:45pm)
FREE appetizers (7-9pm) fresh bruschetta, pita/veg/dip, ect
FREE desserts (7-9pm) fresh Mrs. Feild’s cookies/brownies, mini cupcakes, fruit
FREE ice breaker and “get-to-know-you” games with FREE prizes

$4 Beers
$5 Drinks
$6 Martinis

After 10pm
Open to public (also 25-45 yr old crowd)
Use rear entrance threw alley off of Portland Street
NO FREE Drinks/food/prizes/games

If you have any questions PLEASE post them here and I will check it daily as other people may have similar questions, it’s easier to ask them here so I can answer each question once. THANKS and can’t wait to meet you all there!!!